Saturday, September 15, 2012

In Memoriam: Mons Angelo Amodeo

Legends among us.

Saints walk in our midst.

Follow the saints.

Great times we live in. Great men abound.

The present has never been in more need of the past.

Msgr. Amodeo, thank you for having taught us our liturgical patrimony!


  1. where was this Holy Mass?
    Why mons. Angelo Amodeo use dalmatic and mitre? and, where a canon of Milan can use dalmatic, mitre, ring and pectoral cross?

  2. May the great monsignor rest in peace!
    I have the same question? how come a priest wearing a mitre?????

  3. Canon of the Duomo: he has pontificals in the Duchy of Milan.

  4. The Mass was sung in Meda, near Milan.

    When in the See of Milan, he has pontificals.

    The perogative of the pectoral was granted the canons of Milan by Pius XI, himself from Milan (Desio).