Sunday, September 16, 2012

In Memoriam: Mons Angelo Amodeo

Aka "Io amo Deo."


  1. Could you possibly fill us in on the liturgical right that Monsignor Amedeo, and the other Monsignori Cannons of the Cathedral of Milan, have to the Roman Pontifical? When are the occasions that they may wear the mitre, pontifical Dalmatic, Tunic,ring,and pectoral cross? Can they carry a crozier? Also, are there other Monsignors, in other countries that have this right? Thanks in advance, and thank you for your blog!,,

  2. The prerogative of pontificals for these canons is only in the Archdiocese (former Duchy) of Milan. No crozier. In addition, Pius XI, who came from Milan, granted them the pectoral cross. Milan is the fashion capital of the world, so we don't ask why!