Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Annual Langley Antique Auto Show in Canada

The evolution of 1960s cars even mirrors the evolution of liturgical revolution.


  1. Wish you would say more about your postings -- in this case, identifying the antique automobiles.

  2. "The evolution of 1960s cars even mirrors the evolution of liturgical revolution."

    ... and fashion, movies, music and so on. The war drums had been heard outside the gate, but it sometimes seems that at the stroke of midnight on the 1st of January 1960, the barbarians broke through the city walls. I mean, right on the second!

    Culture is a measure of Cultus (Worship). Want better culture? We need better Cultus. Therefore "Save the Liturgy (Worship), Save the World," is exactly right.

    Our greatest encounter by far with Love, Goodness, Truth and Beauty is when we meet and receive Him directly in DIVINE Liturgy. The proper name is always "Divine" liturgy, for the most authentic Author of Liturgy (since we do not know how to pray ourselves) is the Lord, the Holy Spirit. Yes, Almight God is to be the Author of our Worship, not man. Even the Saints, by themselves, are not capable of this task.

    In the world, when the water is compromised at source, we are not surprised that further downstream nature is wounded. So as Cultus is compromised, to Culture is wounded.

    Save the Liturgy, save the world!