Monday, May 28, 2012

Lay Evangelizers

Leadership is a gift from above. So is grace. And wisdom.  TV and Internet evangelization is so important today. 


  1. Voris is a stud and has sweet hair to boot!

  2. I saw him in Ottawa (where this picture was taken) and was able to speak to him afterwards. He is a true gentleman, and I have never met a layman so on fire for saving souls!

  3. UNFORTUNATELY, I missed this Canadian event. Voris's Catholic balanced commentary is spot on. I think he is making quite a few of the liberal clergy nervous because they never know what he will strike at next. That guy is relentless! In a loving and concerned way!!

    Michael jumps right into topics most of the faint-hearts have avoided for years homophobia, the homosexual network within the Church, rogue nuns, Obama-the anti-Catholic prez, etc. He has even tackled the unmentionables (masturbation, liberal Catholic politicians, evangelizing Jews, Protestants, Evangelicals, etc.).

    Enjoyed your blog. Great Church history and Pro-Life coverage. I spent several hours reviewing it all!

    God Bless, Michael…and you and your family!

    Cheers, Paul