Saturday, May 26, 2012

Gorgeous Canadian Church Architecture

Newly restored!

Church of St. John the Evangelist, Gananoque, Canada.

Overlooking the Gananoque River, this lovely Romanesque edifice was constructed in 1889. Copied from a church in Ireland, this magnificent temple was constructed for the sum of $48,000.

The altar came later. How did this fine carra marble, ornamented with Venetian mosaic and Sienna marble arrive?

In 1921, 52 crates containing some 30 tons of material and sections of the new marble altar arrived on railway cars.

Arriving, too, were the Italian artists and artisans from the Deprato Statuary Company (associated with the Pontifical Institute of Christian Art, Pietrasanta, Italy). Finishing their studio work, they installed this beauty, seen here today.

May pilgrims 500 years from now see and admire this same craftsmanship in this same church and be further inspired to worship the Lord and fall down on their knees in adoration of His majesty. Laus Deo!


  1. Idyllic backdrop for the pageantry of the Roman Rite.

  2. Beautiful sanctuary! That's how it is supposed to be done! The altar looks like it is from the same designer at St. James the Less church in La Crosse (Wisconsin):