Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ars Photographica

A lovely poem written by Pope Leo XIII...

Ars Photographica

Expressa solis spiculo
Nitens imago, quam bene
Frontis decus, vim luminum
Refers, et oris gratiam.

O mira virtus ingeni
Novumque monstrum!  Imaginem
Naturae Apelles aemulus
Non pulchriorem pingeret.

Translation into English verse:

On a Photograph

Sun-wrought image!  All may see
Bright and beaming writ in thee
Gracious features, thought-crowned brow,
Eyes with living light aglow.

Modern wit is master here:
Not Appelles, Nature's peer,
Could with truer pencil trace
Thy unlabored, clear-cut grace.

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