Friday, January 27, 2012

What the Papal Throne in the Vatican Basilica Looks Like

Che peccato they don't use this anymore. The hope was that Mons. G. Marini would bring it back.


  1. That wasn't the only hope dashed. Mons. Marini has been a disappointment too.

  2. With respect...basilicas don't have cathedral. Only cathedrals do. Every chair in which the pope sits is not a cathedra. Like all other bishops, his cathedra is in his cathedral (St. John Lateran). All the others are just chairs.

  3. True, Father Selvester, there is but one cathedra for the Pope... That is why John calls for the return of the "Papal throne", set up wherever the Vicar of Christ sits. Nothing worse than seeing a simple chair employed, when he should be seated on an elevated throne at such formal events.