Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Good Old Days in St. Peter's Basilica

Not to bandy the obvious, but it's a pity we did away with all this.

And so sad to see so many in the Vatican even today who are still under the spell of the euphoric '60s revolution.

The indictable liturgical renewal proved in many ways a disaster for Church and State. Not only did our moral and social values go out the window, but so did our liturgical values.

The most effective propaganda of the devil is the half truth. This is because the smell of the truth attracts us. The Church leadership, taught by the revolution sociologist to distrust its traditional moorings, did away with too much too soon.

We need to put down the revolution flute and get back on the track.


  1. Vatican II was a failure.

  2. Is this Pope Paul VI during episcopal ordinations? If so, the year may be 1963 or 1964? Any one has the address of Msgr. Guido Marini? We need to compile an album and send it to him.

  3. beautiful photo. I agree with you.

  4. The altar in the picture was torn out when Cardinal Noe [RIP] was archpriest of St Peters, around 1990. I recall it as I was a seminarian in Rome at the time.

    1. It was not Noe, but Aurelio Sabattani who is responsible for the crime. John Paul II was in one of those long international pastoral trips when the main altar was jackhammered.

  5. Must be John XXIII. They understood that "beauty will save the world."(F. Dostoevsky)

  6. I have always been very thankful that I had the opportunity as student to attend the pre-reform papal ceremonial in many cases. The pictures can only adumbrate the unique grandeur of the Holy Roman Court. In all its circumstances it was like an anticipated form of transcendence, incomparable with today's dominating cold sterility in Rome.

  7. The Novus Ordo is moribund. It is NOT what the Fathers of the Council asked for or got.

  8. No, I am quite sure it was Cardinal Noe

  9. Definitely Noe; I was in Rome at the time and was horrified to be in St. Peter's when the damage had just been completed.

  10. Trust me, there was plenty going on back then that wasn't any different than now. It's called the human condition and the effects of original sin.
    Don't confuse ceremony with truth. Yes, they are related but one can go through a splendid, intricate ceremony but the heart is not in the truth.
    If everything was so wonderful back then (and it wasn't) than why did things explode the way they did in literally weeks. It's a question we should not be afraid to ask.