Sunday, January 22, 2012

March for Life: an Annual Event for Christians

Bring your kids.

It's not fun, but we have to do it.

I grew up attending this yearly event and hated it.

Looking the devil in the face is not fun, but important. It was the best thing for me and one of the reasons I am still Catholic today. We saw the devil and learned to recognize the hiss of hell: bloody human sacrifice is his trade mark.

I will always remember one freezing year in particular, standing alone in the crowd on the steps of the Minnesota capitol. Feeling low and not wanting to be there, I watched as two old guys, freezing like the rest of us, wandered up next to me.

Both wore winter parkas with hoods covering their heads. Then, I recognized the smiling face of one. It was Bishop Paul Dudley. Startled, I blurted out an embarrassed hello. With his typical cheerfulness he introduced his brother, Fr. Francis Dudley. In that moment the Lord spoke. The Holy Ghost was reigning with fire. I was confirmed in the Faith.

See you next year:

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