Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pro-Life Strategy: Personhood for the Unborn

Photo taken of a monument alongside Canadian Parliament, Ottawa.

Gee, what about the unborn?

News flash: Canadian women not recognized as persons until 1929.

News flash: Canadian American Indians now allowed to vote until 1960.

News flash: Canada's extreme abortion regime permits the practice of abortion at any time, with no restrictions, including at full term, for any reason and fully taxpayer-funded on your dime. 

Even Governor Generals of Canada were not Canadian until 1952.


  1. Canada is the second largest country in the world, with a highly urbanized population of 30 million people, the majority of whom live within a 100 miles of the of the Canada-United States border. Yes, the radical abortion law of Canada rivals that of Communist China.

  2. Prostitution is legal in Canada (but communicating for buying or selling sex, pimping and running a brothel are illegal). Go figure!

  3. Canada is the only nation in the Western world and in the company of China and North Korea without any laws restricting abortion.