Sunday, June 19, 2011

How the Papal Bedroom Works

The papal bedroom is always the corner room - this is the sixteenth century tradition seen here in the Lateran Palace as well as with the Apostolic Palace.

From this bedroom there was once a clear view of each of the patriarchal basilicas in Rome. Even today one can still see the dome of the Vatican Basilica from this window.

The papal bedroom always had two entrances. And even a secret escape door leading down, located in the adjoining room, which can still be seen here.

The idea of the corner room with two doors, was, in theory, so that the palace could be viewed simply by standing in the corner of the room and looking down through the rows of rooms with their open doors stretching along either side of the palace sides.

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  1. From UncleBlobb in the U.S.A: Hi John! I am curious about the Lateran Palace. Does the Church still own it, the grounds? If not, is it just a museum? Does the Pope ever go there any more?