Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lateran Obelisk: Largest in Rome

Seen from the papal bedroom of the Lateran Palace.


  1. Seen from...where? Care to explain where to get in line for THIS tour?

    Keep the eye candy coming, JP!

  2. It's the papal bedroom at the Lateran, but no pope has ever lived in it. It can be seen with a guided tour offered on the hour - it's the Vatican's Museo Storico.

  3. "Q. What is the oldest works of Man still extant in Rome?... The oldest works of man still standing in Rome are the obelisks. The oldest of these is in the piazza of San Giovanni in Laterano, was ordered from Egypt by Constantine and at last re-erected by his son Constantius Ii in A.D. 357. It carries the name of the 18th dynasty pharaoh, Tuthmosis IV, about 1400 B.C." Ref. Richard Aldington, "Rome" (1960: 5).