Tuesday, June 7, 2011

From the Vatican: Espoused to His Heart


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  2. My heart aches with joy when I see habited sisters like this, I only wish I could see them in the city where I live.

    It is both the responsibility of the Church, the family and each religious congregation to promote a culture of vocations. This religious is doing just that!

    Thank You

  3. A Contemplative Sister of St. John! I love their community. The Apostolic Sisters of St. John have a house here in Rome, next to San Clemente and down the street from the Little Sisters of the Lamb (another French religious community, whose house is at Quattro Coronati). The Brothers of St. John have a house in Rome as well - they run the parish of San Nicolas just off Piazza Navona. The Sisters and Brothers welcome visitors for daily Mass, singing the four major offices, and adoration. On Sunday afternoons they have extended adoration - 2/3 hours I think. If you're in Rome, go visit them!!