Friday, April 1, 2011

Rome Quotes

"Breaking News: BXVI has issued Motu Proprio "Gaudium in Multitudinis" which liberates the use of all forms of the Mass existing pre-1570."

-Wilhelm (April Fools Joke).


  1. Or

    Pope's new encyclical "Rectificare Errata" condemns theological and liturgical errors.

  2. I wish it happened. And I wish it would really happen even if it takes Pope Benedict XVI to fall off the horse like Saint Paul if that is the only way to jolt the papacy to act, to act well and to act fast on the indispensible exigency not just of unshackling all forms of rites predating 1570 but also in liberating [in its true sense] the Mass of Trent and in correcting theological and liturgical errors that stemmed from the misinterpretation, misimplementation, misuse and abuse of the "reforms" of Vatican Council II.