Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pope John Paul II on the Tiara

"The Second Vatican Council has reminded us of the mystery of this power and of the fact that Christ’s mission as Priest, Prophet-Teacher and King continues in the Church. Everyone, the whole People of God, shares in this threefold mission. Perhaps in the past the tiara, that triple crown, was placed on the Pope’s head in order to signify by that symbol the Lord’s plan for his Church, namely that all the hierarchical order of Christ’s Church, all “sacred power” exercised in the Church, is nothing other than service, service with a single purpose: to ensure that the whole People of God shares in this threefold mission of Christ and always remains under the power of the Lord; a power that has its source not in the powers of this world, but instead in the mystery of the Cross and the Resurrection."

-Pope John Paul II (from the October 22, 1978 homily of John Paul II  for the inauguration of his Pontificate).


  1. Very beautiful passage! How wonderful that it is included in the Office of Readings for Ven. John Paul the Great's feast day!

  2. I think that Pope Benedict XVI probably agrees with John Paul II about the meaning of the tiara. On the other hand, some Traditionalists will see in this another reason to despise John Paul II.

  3. I just don't see why people can not see a bigger picture and through the lens on continuity. No longer used for Processions etc, I don't see why it can't be used for the Easter and Christmas Blessings. Twice a year is no big deal and would allow for a symbol of the Papacy and a connection to the past to once again breathe.