Sunday, April 10, 2011

Return of Thomism

After the phenomonology and existentialism of recent years, nice to see a return to the basics with Thomas.


  1. Two anonymous comments previously made were kindly considered and one published. I wondered if deeper comment in the second instance could be discussed through having left e-mail address for your kind considerations. Being of another Christian religion I would be most appreciative at this time,

  2. Third eye revelations.

    When Descartes the French Philosopher, wrote of the ‘mechanics of the brain” this part of his understanding was the truth. The third eye is not just a belief system but also a factual part of the brain acting as a spiritual sensor that when stimulated creates the gateway to greater understanding. Stimulating this sensor can only be done by spiritual love for one another and the brain itself is then transformed to a great wealth of knowledge, not immediately understood, but nevertheless a great personal guide. It is likened to a compass that reveals direction for the individual to go and make their decisions in life regardless of his or her status in the world.

    Such working of the Holy Spirit is just one of the wondrous loving ways of daily practice to benefit humanity.