Friday, April 29, 2011

Catholic Dublin: First Legion of Mary from 1921

Francis Street, 100, near the Cathedral of St. Patrick.


  1. Thank you for your website!
    i am wondering if it is possible to have permission to use your photos of the Legion of Mary 100 Francis Street location for our Legion of Mary website? (Especially the first one as we do not have a photo of that). Our site is at:
    Contact Sheryl at
    Thank you in any case for considering our request. Peace and joy ~

  2. Yes, no problem, you have my permission to use the photos. God bless!

  3. Hi
    Your Blog is excellent and the photos are good quality.
    I addes a Page to Facebook and I would like to have all the Buildings and Stores on the Page ... see!/pages/Dublins-Art-Antique-Quarter-Francis-Street/203900152980208 . May I use photo 2 of the Francis Street Legion of Mary for the Facebook page ? ...... Many Thanks ....Martin

  4. Thank you from the holy lands from jerusalem .
    God Bless