Monday, November 22, 2010

From the Sala Ducale: Institut Du Bon Pasteur

The Church's newest religious order!

Super nice guys.  Always nice to see them in Rome.

Last March after the Marche Pour La Vie in Brussels it was an honor to visit their house in Paris.


  1. Are they "more traditional" than the FSSP?

  2. The same - preconciliar Mass and Office.

  3. Very nice! May they grow and increase in numbers!
    Where was this picture taken?
    Oh, how I wish I could get back to Rome again....sigh...

  4. These are true spritual children of Marcel the Great! Vive la foi!

  5. Marcel the Great...true indeed. But he also has 580 other very admirable spiritual sons, and 280 seminarians in the Society of St. Pius X which he founded to protect and defend the True Mass and Catholic Faith.
    Were it not for them, there would be no Society of St. Peter, or the Institute of the Good Shepherd.

    Some people turn their noses up at the SSPX because they are not lock step in line with the Pope and the Vatican.
    What is it better to be, the holders and promoters of the True Mass (Tridentine Latin Mass) and Catholic tradition, or to bow annd accept the ecumenical nonsense and liturgical lunacy of John Paul II and the army of like minded bishops (still being put into office) that we have today?
    I'd stand with the SSPX and accept all the
    infantile insults and innuendos hurled at me for not being "with Peter".

  6. @Anonymus
    What is better, to be Luther or to be Cajetan?