Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fr. Massimo Palombella, S.D.B: New Director of the Sistine Choir

At the tomb of St. Cecilia on her feast.

He is the new Maestro Director of the Cappella Musicale Pontificia (“Sistina").

 As the Director of the Coro Interuniversitario di Roma he always did a nice job and included Don Lorenzo Perosi's Tu Es Petrus when the pope would appear.


  1. JP,
    If he is a SDB, why then is he dressed in the Monsignor Purple? I know Mons. Lech Piecota (Private Sec. to Card. Bertone) was an SDB but then was released from them and was made a Monsignor when he became Card. Bertone's Secretary.
    Just curious for your input?

  2. It is not purple, but paonazza. Choir directors, organists, masters of ceremonies, altar servers, etc. sometimes wear this color. It is just a customof the Church; attached once upon a time to the household of bishops.

  3. He's off to a very good start, with the Sistine choir during the Consistory for new Cardinals.

    Restoring the ancient tradition of kneeling when the Pope passes in St. peter's was a magnificent touch that he restored.

    Liberti before him would never have even thought of this gesture.

  4. A big improvement over the last guy. Msgr. Liberto was terrible!

  5. After all, Liberto was a John Paul II/Piero Marini appointmnt. Liturgically speaking, you can get worse....but not a whole lot worse... than that undynamic duo!

  6. Pope John Paul II has many great accomplishments to his fame but it is true that he seemed not very interested in the liturgy. As for Archbishop Marini, the less said the better.