Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bartolucci the Great

History in the making every day of the year: born in 1917, ordained Priest in 1939, created Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church in 2010.

Legends remain in our midst.


  1. Hooray for Cardinal Bartolucci .!!!! God bless this good man.
    The new Sistine Choir director can't be that bad. Did you see he and the entire Sistine Choir kneel when Benedict XVI passed by in procession.....just like the days of Pius XII and John XXIII. This practice was supressed by Paul VI.
    Very glad to see it back! Hopefully for good.

    Libertto (the no talent friend of Piero Marini who usurped Cardinal Bartolucci's position 13 years ago), would NEVER have allowed for a return to the practince of kneeling before the Pope. He and Piero Marini would die first!!

    But their era is passing fast. And them with it.
    Good riddance!!

  2. Pablo Antonio CarrascoNovember 20, 2010 at 7:50 PM

    Vayan mis más sinceras y alegres,que digo alegres, dichosas felicitaciones a Su Eminencia el cardenal Bartolucci. Un debido reconocimiento a un hombre que ha entregado lo mejor de si a la Santa Madre Iglesia en el inapreciable arte de la Música sacra contribuyendo con ello al ennoblecimiento de la Sagrada Liturgia.
    Desde Santiago de Chile, con todo mi afecto, le pido hacer llegar, si es posible, estas palabras a Su Eminencia.
    Deo gratias

  3. Thank you very much for these lovely pictures.

    Fr. Anselm.

  4. Very happy for him. I would love to meet him and listen to him talk of all he's seen during his life.

  5. Wow-born in 1917, ordained in 1939! What a lot of history he has seen!
    Happy to see him get the red hat!