Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sons of the British Empire Who Guide Us Today

These men saw the light:

Christopher Dawson,
Hilaire Belloc,
G.K. Chesterton,
John Henry Cardinal Newman.

Read them.

Please read them.

Know them.
See the light.

Begin to collect the books they wrote.

Lux lucet in tenebris!

N.B. And C.S. Lewis.


  1. Don't forget Robert Hugh Benson!

  2. Read them. Extensively. Chesterton, nowadays, I can take or leave; the constant, unrelenting paradoxing is usually clever in a smart-alecky kind of way, but I do wish he'd taken the trouble to master some other rhetorical techniques, if only to vary the colour a little. Belloc I value as a poet and a writer of children's verse. As an apololgist, he's a blustering bore.

    Can't stand Newman.

  3. JMJ

    Also Monsignor Ronald Knox!

    The Belief of Catholics:

    The Creed in Slow Motion:

    Thank-you for your wonderful work!

  4. Read forgotten Dawson!