Friday, September 24, 2010

Room Where St. Charles Borromeo Was Born

Arona, near Milan.

Today there is a church here constructed over the former castle where he was born on Oct. 2, 1538. 

Sadly, the original castle was destroyed by order of Napoleon in 1801.

You were prayed for in this room.

Camera Natale di San Carlo Borromeo.


  1. Our Archdiocesean seminary is named after this great saint.
    Before the disaster of Vatican II, close to 575 seminarians lived a clositered life of prayer and study. The seminary boasted 70-100 new students every year.

    Since Vatican II, the seminary enrollment has collapsed, and seminarians from surrounding dioceses, and even further, have been brought in to keep the place viable.

    There were 575+ seminarians at Saint Charles (not to mention another 50-75 studying at Louvain or Rome each year beofre Vatican II. Today, Louvain probably is close to being empty and closed. So is our proud seminary of St. Charles, which has 44 seminarians for the Archdiocese (less than before the Civil War in the USA-1861-65), but with 90 or so other seminarians from elsewhere and religious Orders to keep the place open.

    Fabricated liturgies, Protestant hymns or contemporary junk, relaxed rules, no cassocks.
    The usuall Vatican II seminary. Practically closed.