Saturday, September 18, 2010

Habit Watching


  1. What order is he from?

  2. That's a Camillian priest (or brother). But I've never seen the priests/brothers in the white habit.

    Servants of the Sick (Camillians), founded by St. Camillus de Lellis in the mid 16th century. Another wonderful fruit of the Council of Trent.
    Here's a partial list of the magnificent religious Orders of priests, friars, and nuns founded right after the Council of Trent and flourished from the great graces from the Mass coming from that Council:

    Jesuits, Theatins, Camillians, Oratorians, Ursuline nuns, Discalced Carmelites (cloistered nuns) and the Discalced Carmelite friars, Discalced Trinitarians, Discalced Augustinians, Augustinian Recollects, Capuchins, Trappists, Brothers of the Christian Schools(Christian Brothers de la Salle), Daughters of Charity, Vincentians, Visitation Sisters of Holy Mary(cloistered nuns), Angelicals of St. Paul (nuns), Daughters of Wisdom, Society of Mary (both the inspiration of St. Louis Marie de Monfort), Discalced Franciscans (of St. Peter of Alcantara...unfortunatly extinct), and many others which were founded during or immediatly (within 50-75 yrs) of the closing of the Council of Trent.
    Unfortunatly, there will be no Orders born of Vatican II, and certainly not the Novus Ordo Mass.
    Orders founded now and flourishing now are living as close to pre-Vatican II religious life (without actually using the Tridentine Mass), or actually living strict religious life while fostering the Tridentine Latin Mass and return to Catholic traditions.
    All the Vatican II liberal groups (men and women), are toast,,,and will be gone in less than 15 years. Especially in the USA.

  3. The White Habit is for the work.