Saturday, September 18, 2010

Papal Shoes

Mr. Adriano Stefanelli, the papal shoemaker (shop located at Novara, north of Rome) with Dieter Philippi, renowned expert on church headgear:

Signor Stefanelli visited the Pope on August 23 at Castel Gandolfo to give him some new shoes.


Thanks, Dieter!

N.B. Would be nice, too, to see a return to the papal slippers. 

Here is the sad reason why Paul VI opted against them during the 1960s according to his former secretary, Mons. Macchi.

"When some Oriental bishops remarked that a golden cross decorating the papal slippers was a lack of respect for the Cross, he gave orders for it to be removed immediately."  -Paul VI by Archbishop Pasquale Macchi, p. 65.


  1. Papal "slippers" have been in exile too long.

  2. Actually that might be a good reason... imho...

  3. No more stupid than having a cross paved into a marble floor (which is commonplace) for people to tread on... You might want to start removing those as well !

  4. I love the Pope's red shoes.