Sunday, August 15, 2010

What is Wrong with this Picture?


Eucharistic King dethroned.


  1. Absolutely hiddeous. What is it?

    No wonder only 35% of Italians (and that's considered high by European post-Vatican II, post JP II stats) go to Mass! It's less than 5% in France, Belgium, Netherlands, hovering around 25% in England and Ireland, and about 20% in Spain, less than 10% in Germany, and down to about 60% in Poland.
    In the USA, it's about 23%.

    A nauseating creation like this in Naples will only help to drive the sats down all the more!

    Will the Pope step in and mandate a return to Catholicity? Talk is nice, intentions are nice, his example is nice....but we need action and decrees.

    Not likely to be forthcoming at all.

  2. What a high altar!

  3. John, I just shake my head. WHAT are these Italians thinking?!?

  4. Gives new meaning to 'high altar'!

  5. Ha ha ha! The excesses of the past meet the excesses of the present. All the Papal commands in the world will not get this horse back in the barn.

  6. Er... is there in fact a tabernacle in the second picture? Where is it? I sure can't see one.

    --(the Bat: just some guy on the street...)

  7. John, which church is this? I'd really like to know.