Thursday, August 26, 2010


Many have given in different ways to support this blog.

A big thank you to everybody! 

Through the grace of God, YOU keep the blog going through your generosity.

"We asked him to tell us about Rome and the many beautiful things he had seen there."

--St. Maria Faustina Kowalska (aka "Little Faustina"), Diary, 1168.

This blog has always had a small, but enthusiastic following. 

The Lord bless and reward you all.

And thank you as ever for the donations which keep this effort afloat. 

The Incarnation needs to be the idea that is central in our civilisation.  Help keep every worthy Catholic effort afloat.  Keep this blog going!

Thank you for the donations which are always welcome.

You are prayed for at every holy shrine.

Let us pray!


  1. We just gave a tiny donation because have two boys in boarding school and #9 on the way (an adoption.)However, it hit me that a small donation to you is like a subscription to a great magazine. (I know that's like Olden Times: magazines.) I love your blog and the photos of what's beautiful and true. I really enjoy seeing what you post each day. God bless you, and carry on. Liz F. Lincoln, NE

  2. John,

    Could you please use a different payment method than Paypal. I don't know if you are aware but it was brought to my attention recently that paypal is a large contributor to Planned Parenthood who you know is the largest abortion provider in the United States...I just can't hit that button. Sorry.

  3. this blog is one of my absolute favorites. It keeps my going till one day I can see Rome with my own eyes.