Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rally the Catholic Youth: See You in Madrid A.D. 2011

Despite the girly-man music and odd liturgy, it can be of great value for Catholic kids to participate as an easy oppotunity for a first introduction to the visible papacy and true fellowship in seeing how big our numbers truly are.  Glorious Catholic youth, you are not alone; Peter confirms you in the Faith: see him and worship with him among thousands of other youth in the gift, joy and wonder and splendor of the Holy Ghost. 


  1. I would advise to stay away - the place will be crawling with Opies. I won't be trusting my vulnerable youth to them.

  2. Not sure what "Opies" means, but if I had children, I would send them to WYD. I have always wanted to go myself, but am content with watching complete coverage on EWTN.