Monday, December 18, 2017

History of Una Voce Book

"This book, written by former FIUV President Mr. Leo Darroch using inestimable sources as Michael Davies's papers and files, is a fundamental contribution to understand the relevance of the lay movement "Una Voce", founded 50 years ago for the defense and maintenance of Roman Traditional Liturgy. Under the successive guidance of Dr. Eric de Saventhem (†) and Prof. Michael Davies (†) in its first 36 years, the FŒDERATIO INTERNATIONALIS UNA VOCE (FIUV) developed a constant and strong activity that undoubtedly contributed in a certain measure to the liberalization of the Usus Antiquior of Roman Rite operated by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI through his Motu Proprio "Summorum Pontificum" given on 7th July 2007. The FIUV has continued its labour under the presidencies of Fra' Fredrik Crichton-Stuart, SMOM (†), Mr. Jack Oostveen, Mr. Ralph Siebenburger, Mr. Leo Darroch, Col. James Bogle and Eng. Felipe Alanís Suárez (the current President). Now the goal consists in helping from the lay side the right implementation of Summorum Pontificum according to the letter and the mind of the Pope Emeritus. The FIUV also could be a valuable support to young people, both clergy and laymen, for knowledge and love the venerable heritage of Catholic Faith as expressed in the Roman Liturgy of Ages. This History of Una Voce will remain an important source for scholars who want to study the role of lay associations in the second half of XXth Century and the beginning of the Third Millenium regarding the problems raised by a hermenutic of rupture of post-conciliar liturgical reform. History is the best judge of men and institutions."

-Francisco Morandé

Available HERE.

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