Sunday, December 24, 2017

Catholic Culture: SSA Ministry

"Attention, Lower Mainlanders! You're invited (and are welcome to invite others) to a very special event at Eastern Catholic Church in Richmond. ALL are welcome.

This is a Christmas prayer service to which all are welcome. It's especially meant for anyone who is dealing with heightened tension over LGBT 'stuff' during the holiday season.

Perhaps you feel pressured by your family to conform to a 'perfect Christmas.' Perhaps there's someone in your life you're feeling distant from, as if your respective values are tearing you apart. Perhaps you've felt uncomfortable with public worship since coming out. Perhaps you have a friend who needs your support right now. Perhaps you wish your kids knew how much you love them, and words just aren't working. Perhaps . . . , well, you don't have to explain to anyone what brings you here. The guest list will not be disclosed.

Free admission.

The worship portion, with Byzantine chant and brief reflections, runs for an hour, and then everyone is welcome to join us in the parish hall for another hour of refreshments and caroling."

-Theresa Yoshioka

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