Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Bring Back the Sedia Gestatoria

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  1. There was really a chance of this under the great Pope Benedict XVI. I think things were moving in that direction towards a restoration of a lot of the traditional trappings of the Papacy. I think the sedia had a much better chance of making a comeback if Benedict XVI hadn't lost his nerve and quit. It was obvious that he was having walking troubles, and the sedia would have been a good solution in ceremonies.
    I think Benedict XVI actually tested the waters of public approval for it shortly before he resigned. I saw a video clip, and a photo, of Benedict XVI being wheeled down St. Peter's asile for a special ceremony on that platform roll-away cart that John Paul II stood on. But this time, there wa sa throne mounted on it, and Benedict was sitting on it and his attendants wheeled him down the aisle. It looked vaguely like the sedia. The crowd of young and old went wild with cheers and applause....the photos captured their cheering. It reminded them somewhat of what had been lost.....the sedia. Benedict was waving and grinning big time. He knew the people where thrilled to see him processing in like that. I think Benedict XVI would have restored it. Cardinal Bertone was in favor of it also. But that's all lost hopes for the moment.
    Andy chance with Francis? HAHAHAHAHA!! Don't make me laugh. If he had his way, he would even wear the Papal soutane, but would probably wear a grey clerical shirt and black slacks like so many other Jesuits.
    But I bet the next Pope will bring the sedia back. He'll be a lot younger than Benedict XVI was when elected, not a Francis cardinal, and not a liberal. He'll be a big surprise.....totally the opposite of Francis in everything....and he' ll be somewhat to the right of Benedict XVI mindset wise, and also with regard to liturgy. He'll be a disaster to the liberals, but a hero for faithful Catholics.