Thursday, June 22, 2017

Great Soldier of Christ: Arne Bryant (RIP: 1918 - 2017)

My dear friend Arne Bryant has passed.  He was a saint who worked very hard to keep our land baptized.  The organization which he founded, Prayer Canada, does a lot of good to encourage people to get praying for government.  May the Lord reward him abundantly!

For years I have seen Arne at religious and pro-life events.  Until the end, he always drove himself.  He was very tall and his passion was the Holy Bible.  Losing his wife was tough, although he said she did suffer a lot in her final illness.  When I first met Arne, he said he was born in 1918.  Surprised, I said: "In other words, you lived through two world wars and survived to tell about it!"  His reply was simple: "Yep!"

When he gave me his autobiography last year, Arne wrote me a lovely message as a dedica.  I cherish these words of encouragement and consolation.  May we be inspired by these great warriors for culture who have gone before us.  They are titans in a dark forest.  Eternal rest!

In your charity, pray for the repose of the soul of Arne.  And may he pray for us!  

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  1. I remember praying with Prayer Canada in the Council Chambers of Nelson, BC, Municipal Hall. Most of the prayer warriors were Pentecostals. The prayer was earnest, fervent, and ecumenical in the best sense. Our country needs even more prayer warriors interceding for it now.