Friday, October 7, 2016

The Problem with Catholic Schools Today

Many baby boomers wonder why their kids no longer go to church.

The reason is because their adult children were never catechized properly.

These catechism sheets in the photo were given to a relative of mine enrolled at a Catholic school.

Notice anything funny?  This is catechesis stripped of dogma.  Religion with no dogma.  Just feelings.  Fellowship and goodwill and having fun.  

Christianity has been reduced to ethics.  Being good.  Being nice.  Classroom rules, looking eyes, listening ears, quiet mouths, helping hands, walking feet, etc.

Meanwhile, the homosexualist movement is at work strategically indoctrinating our kids at the preschool age and younger.  Making them familiar with its words, slogans and gender and family world view.  How many times has a three-year old child today already heard the word "gay"?

While the enemy plays chess with our kids, we are asleep at the wheel.    

I think Catholics parents need to step it up a notch and begin to teach their kids dogma at the youngest age, full steam ahead in the face of the rotten cultural assault on the Church, civilization and the family.  We need a return to the teaching ethos of the Baltimore Catechism and the New St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism, etc.   

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  1. Ditto. In the toy aisle kids can name any and all Disney characters. Can they name a saint or two?