Friday, October 21, 2016

Swiss Vestmens from the Storied Tailor of St. Gall: Fraefel & Co.

Gorgeous craftsmanship.

For generations Fraefel & Co. successfully filled a gap in the market in the world of embroidery for ecclesiastical use. 

Arnold Fraefel (1852-1919) was trained as an embroidery designer at the Industrie-und Gewerbemuseum (Industry and Commerce Museum) at St. Gallen, Switzerland.

In 1883, he founded his own embroidery and vestment factory, A. Fraefel-Eberle St. Gallen (Schweiz), together with his wife, Emma Eberle. In 1884, the young company purchased the "Felsenburg" in St. Gall as a residence, office and production site.

In 1888, Fraefel’s products were awarded a gold medal at the Esposizione Mondiale Vaticana (Vatican Exhibition Rome), and Pope Leo XIII gave Mr. Fraefel the order of merit "Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice" which lead to international fame. The company reached its peak around 1910 doing business in the United States, running branches in Chicago, New York and Toledo, Ohio.

Read more HERE.  Hopefully this company can be revived in St. Gall. 

This set was made for the Feast of St. John.  It came from the church of St. John in East Saint Paul, Minnesota (a historic church since closed, sold, gutted and converted into a mosque). 

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  1. Glad to read from my hometown where I live... Since years I follow your blog and it's always a joy to read about the beauty of our church!
    Unfortunately, the Fraefel company didn't exist anymore... The company closed in the year 1983. After the Vatican II they didn't received enough orders and it was the and of the Fraefel company...