Thursday, October 6, 2016

Catholic Culture: Black Vestments

I encourage Catholics to read St. Robert Bellarmine on the fifth rule of the art of dying well, as death draws near, which is making a will.  An excellent read. 

In my will it is stipulated that black vestments be worn at my Requiem Mass.  And no flowers in the church.  A time of mourning. 

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  1. No Flowers? Interesting. I did not go to my first funeral until after the wreckovations were established.
    Black Vestments? Can they be used in a “Mass of the Resurrection”?
    I am one who will be in desperate need of prayers for my soul, and dread my rites being all happy-clappy.
    I too would want the celebrant to wear black vestments; wearing white is an insult to the bereaved, a denial of their grief.