Sunday, September 11, 2016

New Chapel at Thomas Aquinas College

The architectural and symbolic focus of the entire campus is this lovely gem, set in a beautiful mountain meadow.   This place is amazing and I highly recommend a visit.    

From Isaiah 66: "What kind of house can you build for me?"

This new construction treasure speaks beauty, grandeur, permanence and faith like nothing I have seen in recent years.  It is so completely refreshing to see a new church that actually looks like a church.

God bless the design architect, the great Duncan Stroik, who has helped shape the evolution of the modern international classical movement.  Duncan builds churches that are timeless rather than merely of their time.  As he has said before, "A revival of sacred architecture is central to any true renaissance." 

Hats off to the faculty, staff, student body, benefactors, dreamers and artists for making this dream a reality for the ages and nations.  Visitors enter and stand in awe: "What great people built this?"  It's a bit like being in Florence in the late sixteenth century. 

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