Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mother Angelica RIP (1923-2016): In Paradisum!

The woman responsible for saving Catholicism in America.

A 1940s nun who passed away today, Easter Sunday 2016.  

So many countless souls have been touched by EWTN.  

As a boy I watched Mother Angelica Live weekly when mom got cable TV in the late 1980s.  That and the weekly Papal General Audience every Wednesday.   

Mother's influence was profound on my own formation.     

In 1992 mom even drove us to see her at her convent in Alabama -- an unforgettable experience.

My proudest moment was seeing Mother blast the shameful leftist establishment in the Church during World Youth Day 1993.  That day she spoke for all of us sick and tired of the madness within the Church.   

Dearest Mother, in 1944 you entered the convent.  You came from divorce and brokenness.  Thank you for having followed the Lord and for having remained faithful until the end.

May your memory be eternal! 


  1. Hopefully they will raise her to the glories of the altar!