Saturday, March 19, 2016

Beautiful Porfiriato Architecture of Mexico City

One of the things that I have always appreciated most about Mexico City is that it is a European capital.  In other words, it is distinctly European in its design. 

As you spend time in Mexico City you will come to appreciate President Porfirio Díaz, seven terms President of Mexico for thirty-five years from 1876 - 1911.  He did so much to beautify the city as a capital worthy of the name.

Then came the anti-Catholic Mexican Revolution and he was ousted and died in exile in Paris.

Today Mexico City is mostly a jumble of very ugly populist modernist architecture.  I would counsel a return to the classic footprint.       

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  1. JP. Although I love your blog and it has been very edifying and helpful for my soul and Catholic identity. This time I don't agree with you. Mexico City as many other cities in the world has been plagued with many postmodern ugly buildings, though many parts remain beautiful and many parts with up to date edifications are recovering their urban beauty and functionality.

    Thanks for sharing all those beautiful pics, you are truly an artist, and thanks for your precious time spent building this blog, building hope, building faith, building beauty and helping building the Church.

    Greetings form Mexico City.