Friday, January 22, 2016

Getting to the Bottom of Vatican II

Yours truly has always said one of the smartest things I ever did was read Vatican Council II cover to cover.  I encourage others to do the same.  It will bring great clarity to what the Council called for, and what it did not.  See the light.  No one will believe you, but you will know. 

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  1. The Documents of Vatican II are beautiful documents - well written, almost poetic in places -- truly excellent prose that make the Catholic Faith "delicious". They are well worth reading. It takes time but well worth the effort. Go easy. Take one document and savor it. Then move along. Vatican II was not about all the garbage we see today in the Church. Sadly, Vatican II has been left in a cloud of dust by those who took advantage of that time and ran over the Council to secure their particular vision and agenda. Even more sad the pope did not say STOP when things were going off the rails.