Friday, January 29, 2016

Do Not Kneel Before Zod

The Donald is a Democrat.

We have a lot of talent in the pool and we don't wan to blow it.  Give the conservatives a chance. 

Read Russell Kirk and help save American conservatism before it really is too late.

This really is the most interesting election year in recent memory.

The Republicans have put forward a woman (Fiorina), a black guy (Carson), a Canadian (Cruz), a Latino (Rubio), a physician (Paul), a former governor (Huckabee and Christie), a former senator (Santorum), a son and brother of former presidents (Bush), and even a business magnate (Trump), who is actually a Democrat.

 I might add, a few Catholics!

Meanwhile, the leftist media continues to tell us how unspeakably horrible, evil and terrible the Republican Party is. God bless Hilarity and Bernie, the two white seniors still hanging in there, totally immune from media scrutiny.

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