Thursday, May 7, 2015

Shroud of Turin Exhibit to Visit Your Parish: Illumina Domine Vultum Tuum Super Nos

Recently yours truly had the privilege to visit an exceptional Shroud of Turin exhibit.

I wish this could be seen in parishes across North America.  Pastors, know of this great exhibit!  

It is a traveling exhibit known as, "The Man of the Shroud," owned and operated by the Vancouver Shroud Association.

This Shroud of Turin exhibit is the best I have ever seen.  Better even than the two I once saw in Rome.  It has real-life artifacts of inestimable value.  The whole story of the Shroud is told on picture boards and there is a table with books and other items for sale.  That is where I purchased this unique key chain, Made in Canada. 

See their site here:

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