Thursday, May 7, 2015

Pontifical Mass "Facing the People" in 1953

National Liturgical Week in Grand Rapids, Michigan in August, 1953.

Closing Pontifical Mass in Grand Rapids Civic Auditorium on August 20, 1953.

Theme: "St. Pius X and Social Worship" 1903-1953.


  1. Monkeying around with the liturgy like this, even in the 1950s and at some event paying lip service to St. Pius X, was the result of the Modernism that had infiltrated the Church and that later came out full force at Vatican II and has been eroding and destroying the institutional Church ever since.

    Look at all the nuns and the other people, gung-ho for the novelty of Mass facing them and whatever the other gimmicks were that they were excited about then. It's fun to play around with things when the convents and seminaries an churches are full. But by the time people realize that a virus has infiltrated and is corrupting the body, it is by then too late.

  2. Another example of how the liturgy could have grown step by step, instead of jumping out of the top story window.