Thursday, May 14, 2015

Childhood Home of Dietrich von Hildebrand in Florence

Was splendid to be a guest at the villa today and to enjoy some Tuscan red under the pergola with his kind nephew.

Dietrich grew up here with his parents and five sisters.  The kids were home schooled.  In later years Dietrich would visit during the summer months, or spend a summer here.

The father, Adolph, was a famous sculptor.  You can still see his works on the property.  It was a most beautiful place to grow up.  A heavenly paradise, just on the edge of Florence.  Next to a church.

The von Hildebrand children all converted to Catholicism.  Dietrich's son later moved to Columbia to help with a new Catholic college.  The son had twelve children.

After the war, to supplement his teaching income in NY, Dietrich began to sometimes lead tours to Italy - pilgrimages to visit the art and history, architecture and learning.  The itineraries he designed still exist, kept in his old NY flat.  Hopefully, I can get my hands on these and start to offer the same tours!  Pray for this intention.   

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