Monday, January 5, 2015

Extraordinary Form in the Holy Land

When you worship in the Holy Land, you witness the splendor of the many liturgical rites.  It is always a life-changing event to pray in these sacred places and to hear the chants of the many different liturgies.  FYI: We are putting together an EF trip to the Holy Land in early 2016.  Stay tuned.  This same priest will be our chaplain.  Thanks, Fr. Pablo! 


  1. Wow, the photo of Father elevating Our Lord before the statue of Our Lady is surely from the chapel at the Notre Dame Center. Kudos to Fathers Juan Maria Solana, LC and Eamon Kelley, LC, of the ND leadership, for letting it happen. BTW, who is Fr. Pablo?

  2. The Holy Land is a power house of prayer.