Friday, January 16, 2015

Evil of Freemasonry/Shriners

Last month I had a guy at the airport, a Mason, invite me to ask to join the Masons.  Yesterday I saw a book for sale on Masonry.  A few days ago I heard a girl mention on the phone a prominent friend was a Mason.  Last summer I saw a billboard on the highway inviting people to become Masons.  Last year I saw two Masons promoting Masonry in a public place, one at a street festival and the other at a shopping mall.  There is a Masonic temple across the street from a church I frequent.  Masonry is still here.  I took these photos last summer at a parade ruined by these men, who it seems show up at most every parade in North America.  By the way, Masons will tell you the Catholic Church changed her position in the 1960s and now accepts Freemasonry, which is bogus.

Know the facts:



  1. Weird. Why you of all people? Maybe they purposely go for clean cut altar guys lol! Perhaps you should have bought the book of it have you insider info on your enemy. Like Sun Tzu advised.

  2. And yet millions of dollars are donated every year to the their public face, the Shriners.

  3. Who are you to judge?!

  4. The nadir of Masonic depravity knows no limits.

  5. Well, you are full of crap you ignorant buffoon and here's why; a freemason is FORBIDDEN to solicit for members. The only way to become a Mason is to ask another mason to be introduced to a lodge. Masons do not seek members by force or coercion unlike some "popular" religious cults do....

    Masonry's principal virtues are all men regarded as equals along with free thought. Both of these notions are antithetical to the false authority of the Catholic Church.

  6. Anonymous, you are the one being Deceptive! For starters, masons are interested ONLY in accepting those that hold some position of importance or authority in society. If it is a would be or actual politician than even better! Masons do NOT accept regular joes, homeless, or unimportant lazy folk. Second, the hook is the so-called Believe in a Higher Being nonsense (be it Jew, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim etc.). Third, as the mason progresses through the stages in the craft, the end goal for him is to realize that He does not need God because the transformation has occurred whereby the member realizes he is a God unto himself. Moreover, the ceremonies he participates in are Occult period and anti-Catholic (Christian), Muslim, Jewish, and Buddhist. They are demonic period.
    Fourth, it is the duty of every mason not to knowingly or wittingly do harm, talk bad about or tell on his fellow mason. And, when a fellow mason is in need or danger to help him above all else. Therefore, this is the WHY it is so simple for the pedophiles within the occult mason organization to easily rape, molest, enter children with impunity. Some use mikey Finn, or simply get vulnerable children in exchange for cash to their families who need it. No fellow mason can, or is allowed by their own acceptance of the rules when entering the craft, to "tell" on one another. Hence, the perfect crime.
    Fifth, just to clarify, the end game of masonry, which also is the de facto mission of the occult, is to slowly like hairloss, have it's members deconstruct all that is descent and Holy in society. Masonry and Catholicism are non-congruent. This is why every mason has a duty to oppress society (one of the masonic central tenets is: Through Chaos Comes Order, and it is the masons that will establish their occult order unto society). This is the reason why they work hard to destroy all that is sanctity in society and impose demonic teachings (For example: no Lord's prayer, gays and lesbians and 1/2 and 1/2 are a good thing,not a mental disorder which it is and if you oppose this you are racist of some sort. Have an abortion because it is not a human you have inside you but a piece of pepperoni, flood countries with muslims who NEVER integrate and are shut-in and by nature only impose on all their religious ways of thinking at all costs etc.).
    And lastly, If one is a Catholic one cannot become a freemason. DO NOT be fooled by the masons and their lies. It is a mortal sin and excommunication to follow. If it were up to me i would banish masonry peiod, jail the pedophiles and bring forth to the Hague International Court all masons to pay for their Crimes Against Humanity. Hopefully, some day, this will occur.