Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Catholic Men of Action Groups: Holy Ardor of Truth

Photo: Minneapolis, USA.

"How may Catholics, who are perpetually surrounded by the snares of liberalism, guard themselves securely against its dangers?  By the organization of all good Catholics, be their number great or small: they should become known to each other, meet each other, unite together in every locality - every city, town or village, should have a nucleus of Catholic men of action.  Such an organization will attract the undecided, give courage to the hesitating and counteract the influence of hostile or indifferent surroundings.  If you number only a dozen men of spirit, no matter. Found societies, especially of young men.  Put yourselves in correspondence with older societies in your neighborhood, or even at a distance.  Link your associations together - association with association - as the Roman legions used to form the military tortoise, by uniting shield with shield over their heads.  Thus united, be your number ever so small, lift on high the banner of a sound, pure and uncompromising doctrine, without disguise, without attenuation, yielding not an inch to the enemy.  Uncompromising courage is always noble, commands sympathy, and wins over the chivalric.  To see a man battered by the floods, yet standing firm as a rock, upright and immovable, is an inspiring sight!  Above all, give good example, give good example always. What  you preach, do!  You will soon see how easily you force people to respect you; when you have gained their admiration, their sympathy will soon follow.  Proselytes will be forthcoming.  If Catholics only understood what a brilliant secular apostolate they could exercise by being open, straightforward, uncompromising practical  Catholics, in word and deed, liberalism and heresy would die a quick death."

-El Liberalismo es Pecado by Fr. Felix Sarda y Salvany, c. 1886.

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