Sunday, July 13, 2014

Rich Liturgical Life in the Vatican

Mass with the Canons of St. Peter's Basilica.

A pity we don't have things like canons in the USA.  They add so much to the liturgical life of a diocese and cathedral.  And they guarantee the hours are chanted on schedule and in public, which is difficult and impossible to aim for, without a paid full-time and capable staff.  Lay volunteers cannot be expected to keep up with this long-term commitment.  It is a beautiful life to be a canon, in retirement, after a long and privileged service at the altar.


  1. In 1908 when Propaganda Fidei removed the U.S.from mission status as it also did the same year Ireland and the U.K., the American bishops were instructed to establish Cathedral Chapters that would chose a terna for bishops. The American bishops argued that much of America still functioned as mission territory so Propaganda allowed them not to erect chapters, while Ireland and the U.K. did.

  2. So much was lost with the reform. On April 25, the Feast of St. Mark, the canons made their traditional procession in St. Peter's, chanting prayers for good crops. I don't think this is done anymore.