Sunday, July 13, 2014

An Extraordinary Opportunity in Rome Not to Be Missed

Please join us this October for a chance in a lifetime journey to the See of Peter along with our dear friend, Fr. Z, as chaplain.

This will be an extraordinary opportunity for you to see the best of Rome and the Vatican while traveling with some truly interesting and knowledgeable Catholic guides and pilgrims, of diverse backgrounds.

If you have ever wanted to see Rome, but found yourself waiting for the right time, this is your chance for a resonant experience.    

Join us on this spiritual journey to the tombs of the Blessed Apostles.

Pray at the holy sites.  See the relics.  Immerse yourself in a Catholic ethos - the mystical climate of Catholic Rome.

See the art of the saints.  It was Abraham Lincoln who once said: The highest art is always the most religious, and the greatest artist is always a devout person.

Fr. Z, the great polyvalent Catholic journalist and inimitable online evangelization pioneer, will celebrate daily Mass for the group in the Extraordinary Form.  

For information, registration and itinerary, see here and contact me directly:

The deadline for registration is August 1.  Space is limited.  Save your spot now.   


  1. Ah, the genius loci and the charm of tradition!

  2. WDTPRS is my favorite blog (I call it The Practical Cogitator). A Catholic thinker's anthology. Enjoy this splendid time.

  3. Arg, I teach in time schedule it in the summer!