Saturday, July 5, 2014

Catholic China

Fr. Peter Chiang on his ordination day in May of 1954.  This year marks 60 years a priest of God.  He entered the seminary in 1939.  A saint.  Hearty congrats, Father!

See here for his inspiring story:


  1. His name is familiar. Is this the same good and saintly priest who used to celebrate Mass on EWTN about 15-18 years ago? I remember him from when our family first got cable TV and I was watching EWTN often. If I remember correctly, his English is not that good, but what a wonderful priest!
    He must be about 86 now.
    God Bless You Fr. Peter !!

  2. I read the article that was attached to his picture. I don't think it's the same priest.
    But nevertheless, God Bless a good priest like Fr, Peter. He was ordained with the true ordination ceremony and the Tridentine Latin Mass, and with the late, great Pope Pius XII still reigning. What a wonderful start!!!