Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ugly Commemoration of Vatican Council II in Floor of Vatican Basilica

I have never liked this.  Since the moment I first saw it. 

It is the first thing you see when you enter St. Peter's Basilica.

It commemorates the opening of the last general council of the Church.  

In short, it does not match.  It is just out of place. 

And they cut into and damaged the precious floor already there (the precious ancient Roman porphyry).


  1. "In short, it does not match. It is just out of place."

    It would be easy to seize upon that phrase and apply to it to what has happened since the close of the Council. There is much "out of place" with regards to the trajectory of the Liturgy that a few unauthorized individuals helped to impose on the Church.

    "(T)hey cut into and damaged the precious floor... ."

    Perhaps you intended such a reading.

  2. When was this done, during the Second Vatican Council or at an anniversary?

    (and yes, I agree it's quite ugly)

  3. Why do we kid ourselves that Vatican II was a good and necessary thing. Such arrogance too: putting a big fat mosaic in the dead center of the main entrance to St Peter's. and we wonder why people think that this council was a revolution that hit the reset button and cancelled out everything that came before...

  4. Another piece of barmy 60s art.