Friday, July 26, 2013

Henricus Cardinalis Dante - "Il Maestro"


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  2. The late, great Cardinal Enrico Danta indeed was worthy of this post, and a man who should be imitated not only for his devotion to proper and traditional Catholic liturgy, but also for his holiness of life, and devotion to young people.
    Not many know that he said Holy Mass and heard Confessions of thousands in the Roman parish where he was first assigned to as a priest, for years. He also helped establish the Rome soccer team.
    But he is most remembered for being a devout and faithful priest to the Catholic Faith, the Popes, and tradition. He greatly deserved being made a Cardinal. Ironic it was by Paul VI, the man who destroyed so much of what Cardinal Dante fostered and devoted his whole life to.

    Though we always see pictures of Cardinal Dante, and traditional Catholics readily know who he was and can pick him out in photos....what was the name of the other, rather portly priest who was also a Master of Ceremonies and who usually was always with Cardinal Dante in that post from the mid 1940's up until the late 1960's. He was probably fairly elderly when he died, but there is never a mention of him. He deserved the red hat too, but I think he died a Monsignor.

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